Absolutely love this human. His fashion, style and the fact that he was the worlds best tennis player in his time. Have heard his book is incredible, will add it to the list.

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  1. Dave Insull says:


    Idea. You are a unique style maestro.

    Add a regular feature to the blog – “my fashion heroes”

    Think – glam rockers, 80s, Miami, Royal Tenanbaums, 90s, WWF wrestling, Steven Tyler, Bon Jovi, Nintendo, Bob Geldof, Russell Brand etc

    Hey mate, just an idea aye


    • Guinness says:

      Y E A H B O Y E E ! ! !

      Ha, cher. Back into post mode, been lacking a bit. Will pull out the styles in the near future…


  2. Courtney H says:

    Just finished his book – one of the best autobiography’s I have read!
    Highly recommend it!

    Side note: Good job with coffee catcha – will have to get my work onto this to avoid all the wastage!


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