Coffee Waste & the Coffee Catcha, a Customers Opinion

INTERVIEW: Simon Morton, presenter of the “This Way Up” show on Radio New Zealand – talking to Ben Cartwright, owner of the Mojo Waterfront cafe & Steve Guinness, founder of the Coffee Catcha

> The process of making an espresso – grind, dose, tamp
> Waste & spillage, how much this costs – 45 coffees wasted, $180 lost / kg!
> The problem – 5-10% waste
> The solution, the Coffee Catcha – a funnel with handle
> The funnel stops the spillage – no wastage, no money lost
> The EXACT amount of coffee in the portafilter – consistent quality
> The Coffee Catcha is natural to use & doesn’t slow down the process – it is part of the routine
> A simple tool to reduce waste and increase consistency

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