How does Uber work?

What do you do when you land in San Francisco, the tech capital of the world? You download and use all the cool apps that have come out of SF & the Valley, that’s what!

Starting with Uber, the best way to get around a city… So how does Uber work? In short, it is an app that helps you find a taxi or car ride nearby you, allows you to get a quote, accept a driver & ride then after your ride it bill you via the app. Every things is shown in real time, including your taxi’s location & ratings on the driver + it is very easy to use. It has more than just taxis – locals can even put their cars up as private taxis too. Below are some screen shots showing how Uber works:

Pickup_Location Fare_Quote
Easily set your pickup location & destination. Uber will give you a quote + show you
what taxis are nearby.

Fare_Confirmation Text_Allert_Driver_Confirmed
Request a taxi & accept your driver. You will receive a txt message & be able to see
in real time where and how far away your driver is on the map!

Driver_Enroute App_Allert_Arriving
Watch the little car move on the map!

Text_Allert Live_Driving
Get your bags and babe ready! You will be notified by text message when your ride
arrives too, or just wait on the road when you see it approaching on the map.
As you are driving, you will be able to track the route in real time too.

End_Trip Payment
When you get to your destination, the driver will end the trip on their app which in
turns bills you via your app. You can see the price on the taxi meter to compare too.
In our case we were heading to the airport which is why you can see the additional
airport charges in the photo above.

Receipt Uber_Rating
You then receive a receipt on the app and you can rate the driver, which of course
helps validate the community and ensures everyone has a good time.

Invoice_Receipt First_Uber_Ride
You also receive a well detailed invoice/receipt via email and one last app message
incentivising you with promo codes to share the love.

As you can see, its damn easy and fun to use. A recommended solution to calling for a cab.

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