All about fun, passion, hype, adding value and dominating life… I love tech, innovation, solving problems, adding value to people and commercialisation. Since completing a Masters in Management (2006) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours in Mechanical), I’ve been living the dream as an entrepreneur. I am currently based in London, pushing my coffee product around the world, learning global markets and growing my networks & commercialisation skills. Check out my Linked In if you please – http://uk.linkedin.com/in/steveguinness/

Once upon a time…
Back in the day
The small child days were spent in Omok’s dreaming of dinosaurs, planet hopping and inventing stuff.
The polar eclipse shift
The inventing stuff came true after successfully dominating a career as a student simultaneously juggling a Management Masters + Engineering Honours degree & ENSOC (a.k.a. party).
The now
Smashing it as an entrepreneur, solution developer, new media global marketeer, disco fiend and one time male model. NZ baby. And what. Neither.

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