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The Coffee Catcha is my current venture. I have launched this under the brand Espresso Corp – “We solve problems in the global coffee industry”.

The Coffee Catcha – Summary
The Coffee Catcha is a new barista tool that save cafe’s money and increases coffee quality consistency. It is fast becoming a standard barista tool in the New Zealand market with hundreds of cafes using it. With key distributors in NZ, Australia, the UK, USA, Sweden and Colombia, the Coffee Catcha is starting to make an impact in global markets too. It is also popping up in cafes throughout Asia and Europe via existing distributors. 2013 is looking like a big growth year for the exciting little Catcha!

The Problem
Barista’s are wasting coffee grinds when dosing coffee. Next time you go into a cafe, look under the grinder – you will almost always see a mess. This is costing cafes anywhere from $1k-10k per year, depending on size of the cafe. This is around 8% waste.

The Solution
The Coffee Catcha is a new tool that reduces coffee grind wastage, saving cafes money. It also increases the dosage consistency as all the coffee grinds that are supposed to go into the basket when dosing, go into the basket (rather than spilling over the edge of the portafilter). Another result of using a Coffee Catcha is a less messy work area – customers don’t like seeing mess, reducing mess is sustainable etc. etc. Roasters also see it as a tool to help their customers.

Road Map Highlights
* 2012-2013: Main stream market adopting the Coffee Catcha in NZ with a master distributor in place
* 2012: Distributors locked in USA, Australia, Sweden after attending the World Barista Champs and Australian Barista Champs, MICE. Early adopters in these markets buying. Trials with other customers throughout Europe and Asia after these trade fairs and one in Trieste, Italy
* 2012: Global awareness attending the 2012 World Barista Champs in Viena, Austria. Customer testimonial video on the big screen and distributors Coffee Hit and Espresso Supply displaying the Coffee Catcha on their stands

* 2012: 8/30 baristas in the 2012 NZ Barista Champs use a Coffee Catcha
* 2011: First off shore distributors locked in off the back of attending the 2011 World Barista Champs in Bogota, Colombia. Distribution into Colombia and Australia. Eye opener to the global coffee industry
* 2011: Press for the Coffee Catcha in leading NZ business magazine, Idealog + other industry magazine
* 2011: Early adaptors in the New Zealand coffee market love the Coffee Catcha!
* 2011: NZ Barista Champs is the first ever time that a Coffee Catcha is used by a competitor. They get the highest marks for “Acceptable Wastage/Spillage” and 73/77 for technical scores
* 2011: Seed investment to launch Espresso Corp and the Coffee Catcha. This helps secure patents, off shore production, marketing material, business development & branding. Launch party with epic espresso cocktails to kick things off!
* 2010: Market validation, solution development, successful trials and initial customers resulted in identifying a viable market opportunity. Benefits identified and the business hustle begins!

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6 Responses to Coffee Catcha

  1. jono says:

    where can i buy a coffee catcher?

    • Anne Powrie says:

      Can I buy a coffee catcher directly from you? How much does it cost? What a great idea.

      • Guinness says:

        Hi Anne, thanks! You sure can. RRP is $95 in NZ. I can do $80 (incl. shipping) since you’ve come through my personal site 🙂 drop me an email info[@]espressocorp[dot]com with your address. Out of interest, what kind of coffee machine and grinder do you have? Cheers, Steve

        • Jim Lester says:

          Hi Steve, does your offer to Anne above still apply? Have had one demonstrated here in Auckland, and definitely interested. Cheers, Jim. Espresso Rules!! 🙂

          • Guinness says:

            Hi Jim, good to hear from you! Sure thing – happy to do that price for you. I’ll drop you an email directly. Cheers! Steve 🙂

    • Guinness says:

      Hi Jono, you can buy on our website or drop me an email info[@]espressocorp[dot]com. Thanks!

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