Mind over matter, a 75km run

Smashed a 75km run on Saturday. BOOM!

Dave Insull summed the experience up in 3 words: Adventure. Preparation. Determination.

I like this. Here’s my breakdown…

It all began about 2 months ago. There I was, sitting eating one of the finest eggs bennys with a delicious flat white at Bennidiction Cafe (a not too uncommon scenario for me). A couple of the boys, lns and Shoey were chatting about this epic 75km run around the top of the Coromandel. It was to be a truly beautiful scenic run, and one that no man had done before – well none of the crew anyway. They said I should do it. I said OK. It was a no brainer really.

Not really being a runner and my biggest run being a cruzey half marathon (21km), why wouldn’t I sign up to it???! With less than 8 weeks to train, the boys (SMM crew – Ins, Shoey, Henry, Tom and now me) formed a loose training schedule which consisted of 2x 1 hour runs at 6am every Monday / Wednesday and one bigger run in the weekend. The idea was to not take up too much time out of our busy lives, still be able to party but be ready to run the distance. The old SMM crew have done a few events over the years including multiple marathons, the Otago Rail Trail (150km run over 2 days), Oxfam Taupo lake run (100km) and Shoey had done an Ironman. So a lot of the training was focused on getting me up to pace! We only managed about 4 big weekend runs including a 4hr AK unban run, a 6.5hr slog in the Waitak’s and the Orewa half marathon – but all of these were breaking barriers (for me) and time on the feet was being banked. Lots of rest & the right food the week leading up, some Voultarin’s at the ready for a niggly hip, some new running gear and a focused mind meant we were as ready as we could be for the big day.

In my head, I was up for a challenge. I was completely ignorant to the distance, but most importantly I believed I could do it. A couple of circumstances (timing) triggered this. Firstly, my mum passed away earlier this year from a 2yr battle of cancer. She was a determined lady in her later years and had many adventures with her mates including trekking the foot hills of Everest. She is now forever in my mind giving me extra strength to achieve anything I want to. I knew this would help get me through it. Secondly, I parallel my running to business. What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve (N.Hill). I have huge determination, desire and hunger to achieve great success in business (and life) – and really, its all about channeling this energy into other things when needed – eg. running. Its a good lesson to try these things, break barriers, succeed then know you can repeat the model in other situations. Strengthening the mind. Inspiring yourself. So on the day, the training, preparation (physical and mental) paid off. As well as the personal side, a team of motivated, pumped up supportive amazing humans were at my side, breaking a few barriers themselves, but all leaders (and legends) in their own right helping me (and collectively the whole crew) get through it. This all made the 75km was pretty straight forward. We dominated it.

Highlights on the day
> The crew supporting and pushing me to the limits – breaking barriers and succeeding
> Running with headlamps at 5.30am for an hour then looking at the incredible views as the sun came out
> Shit talking banter the whole way with good crew
> Shoey trying to cross an uncrossable river without getting his feet wet then eventually falling in
> Lunch + smashing a 75 Voultarin, 4 neurofens, 2 pannies
> Breaking a pain barrier and running the fastest 5km at 55km due to zoning out to some Shapeshifter
> Finishing strong. The feeling of elation
> Jager & Keg afterwards!

A few highlight photos…

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